Opening Day on the Bay, (April 22 10 AM -2:30) is a tradition of the yachting community, involving several local yacht clubs. It began as a celebration of the beginning of the yachting season back in the 1890’s with the manual opening of the bridge at Corinthian Island. The sailboats and arks would leave the safe harbor where they had wintered over. The first formal celebrations began in 1917. Boat owners would decorate their boats for a parade on the bay. They would all pass a Coast Guard boat where a Rabi and a Priest would bless their boats for the upcoming yachting season.

This is one of the most popular days of sailing on the San Francisco Bay. Several of the bay touring boat companies offer excursions on the bay so non-boat owners can view all the splendor of the resident sailboats and motorboats that will be participating in the Regatta season of 2018. There will be hundreds of boats on the bay. Many people take their boats out that day just to celebrate the end of winter.