Your attitude about dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicle can make the difference between having an acceptable experience, or a frustrating one. One of our relocation clients decided to make the most of the time he spent there with us.

“So, Guilherme, did you study for your written test?”, I asked my suave Brazzilian client when he was applying for an original California driver’s license. “Na,” he said, and he began to read the handbook (for the first time) as I was driving him to his appointment.

He passed his test, so his confidence soared. I next accompanied him to his driving test a few weeks later. “Did you practice driving these last few weeks?” I asked him. No,” he said. “I will get a beautiful lady as my examiner, she and I will have a good time, and she will pass me.” As I waited in the car with him in the cue, his examiner showed up to begin his test . . . a bright red-headed young woman of about 35 years old. My client looked at me with a big grin on his face. I just rolled my eyes. When the returned from his road test, I said, “Well, did you pass?” He said, “Of course – we are going to dinner next week; we had a wonderful conversation about Brazil as I was driving.”

This is not the norm – we advise our clients to always prepare in advance for your tests . . . but this time, Brazillian charm worked!