There are always little known places in the San Francisco Bay Area to discover. Here is one that you possibly didn’t know about – the Hippie Swing, swaying from the Hippie Tree. First, let me tell you about the area – Tiburon. It is a lovely town just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. As you take the short walk along the mini downtown sidewalk, you find arks that have been made into little shops, and fabulous eateries¬† –¬† with Sam’s being one of the most famous restaurants. At Sam’s, you overlook the Corinthian Yacht Club, and get a stellar view of San Francisco, all the while basking in the sunshine, and dining on mouthwatering food selections.



Then, as you travel to the other side of Tiburon, you can take a hike up into the hills where you can swing on the Hippie Swings while you experience the breathtaking view.

The only problem is – you may not want to leave this exquisite area, so you might bring a blanket and a picnic, or for a sunset experience, dinner and a glass of wine. Every day can be a different experience up here, depending on whether the fog is present, how warm it is, where the sun is shining, etc.