Recently, we worked with a client from the UK relocating to San Francisco because of the husband’s new job. They already knew that they liked the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, so on the first day of home-finding, we decided to attend an Open House being held on a Saturday afternoon.

Our clients were discouraged when we first arrived, because eight other people also showed up for the Open House. The owner (a mom with her two elementary-aged children) pulled out a huge ring of keys. After a few minutes, she said that she must have forgotten the right keys. She apologized to all of us, and told us that she would have another Open House the next day on Sunday.

I noticed that her daughters had taken the keys from their mom, attempting to open the door. The other interested parties started walking away, but I whispered to my clients to hold back for a moment. After all the other people had left, the girls were able to find the right keys to the house. Our clients toured the house, loved it, submitted their application on the spot, and got the house.