We like to help our relocation clients become familiar with their new community by pointing out to them some of the places they can visit during work hours.

Privately-owned publicly accessible spots (POPOS) have been a development requirement since the passage of the 1985 Downtown Plan. There are now dozens of POPS scattered around the city’s core. Here are some of the interesting places to visit.

Chinatown Area

Empire Park  Empire Park is a charming little oasis tucked away on Commercial Street, where Chinatown meets the Financial District.

Financial District

Transamerica Redwood Park  Located in the shadow of the Transamerica Pyramid, Redwood Park is one of the Financial District’s greenest and most serene spots. Potential visitors take note: the park is closed every evening.

350 Sansome Street Roof Garden  The terrace at 343 Sansome Street has been called downtown’s best outdoor lunch spot. It features tables, benches, planters filled with seasonal flowers, and views of a portion of the bay.

Garden Terrace, 150 California Street  The Garden Terrace at 150 California has great views of the FiDi’s gleaming office towers, and plenty of space to sit and take in some fresh air.

100 Pine Urban Garden  The urban garden at 100 Pine is accessible via the building lobby or through a passageway on Front Street.

Citigroup Center  The elegant enclosed atrium features a crêpe stand, a fountain, seating, and more than a dozen queen palms.

101 Second Street The indoor park at 101 Second Street is open every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and features a bright multistory atrium with seating, trees, and public art.

515 Mission Street – Sun Terrace  Tucked in between Ecker Place and 1st Street in the Financial District. You will enter through the staircase between the next-door parking garage and the building itself, then go to the 2nd floor to enter. It has a water sculpture, manicured greens, and lots of tables and chairs.


The Linkedin Building  The first-floor plaza inside, 222 Second Street is not just for LinkedIn employees. It is an enclosed open space that can be accessed via the street-level lobby. It has a cafe, restrooms, and wi-fi.

Crocker Galleria

Crocker Galleria Roof Terrace  The Cocker Galleria roof terrace is a garden filled with shrubbery, benches, flowers, and a fountain. It can be accessed from the the top floor of the Crocker Galleria.