Sunset District

For expats on lower budgets who decide to move to San Francisco, the Outer Sunset in the southwest represents a less expensive alternative than the more popular neighborhoods closer to the city center. The neighborhood represents San Francisco’s ethnic diversity with a lot of residents originating from different countries.

The middle-class working population generally makes up the population of Outer Sunset.  There is more fog in this area, but the gorgeous view of the ocean and the many charming restaurants and stores are an attractive draw to living in this community.

The Castro District

In the heart of San Francisco, the Castro District has its own, unique and vibrant energy. Referred to as the gay capital of the world, it brings with it a lively nightlife, an abundance of cafés and bars, as well as affordable restaurants. For housing, rents are among the city’s highest, but the Castro is well connected, with three Muni lines, which makes a car unnecessary for most residents.

The Marina District

The Marina district is just west of Fisherman’s Wharf and has a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The walk from Marina Boulevard through Crissy Field to the bridge is popular both during an afternoon lunch break and on the weekends. There are lots of art galleries, international eateries as well as an abundance of boutiques in the area. For some expats moving to San Francisco, rent is a main concern, and the Marina is not among the city’s least expensive areas. But, for those who enjoy the smell of the ocean and the fresh morning air, it will be well worth the cost. There is amble transportation to the Financial District for people who work downtown.

Inner Richmond

Inner Richmond is located in the northwestern quadrant of San Francisco. Just south of the Golden Gate Bridge and immediately north of Golden Gate Park, this neighborhood offers people who are fond of the outdoors plenty of opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the streets. Clement Street is packed with a wide variety of Asian cuisines, and is sometimes considered “Little East Asia.” Inner Richmond. Rental prices are also very reasonable in the area.

Noe Valley

Noe Valley is in the southern part of the city, surrounded by hills on three sides and within walking distance to two other popular neighborhoods –  The Castro and The Mission. 

Noe Valley is home to both families and singles, offering really good restaurants, shopping boutiques and cafes. It provides easy walking opportunities to the plentiful shops and restaurants. It is a very safe part of town to stroll around in and as for housing,  there are many Victorian and Edwardian homes here as well as some modern flats and apartments.

North Beach

No matter what you are looking for, you can find anything from historic landmarks, coffee shops, shopping, nightclubs, to some of San Francisco’s best Italian food in North Beach – in fact, North Beach is often considered to the the Littly Italy of San Francisco.

North Beach offers both modern apartments, and quaint, older flats that bring with them some of the history of San Francisco. Sometimes a bit on the pricey side, if you want to live in a unique neighborhood, North Beach would be a neighborhood to consider.