If you love the Flintstones, then you have to pay a visit to Hillsborough, CA.

Nestled in a hilly community of about 11,000 in San Mateo County, where homes routinely sell for millions, this particular residence, with its curving lines, red and purple domes, multicolored mushrooms and scattered animal statues, has long attracted attention from neighbors (no, not the Rubbles).

The home’s owner is the retired media mogul Florence Fang — whose family once published the San Francisco Examiner (newspaper).  In 1976, the Bay Area architect William Nicholson built the 2,700-square-foot home using a building technique known as monolithic dome construction. Over the years, the home fell into disrepair but was later renovated and then painted orange. Eventually, photos show, the domes became red and purple. In 2017, Ms. Fang bought the home for $2.8 million after about two years on the market.

Rather than cherry trees or a vineyard, Ms. Fang installed 15-foot dinosaur statues as well as a giant metal woolly mammoth and giraffe; a garden of colorful, oversize mushrooms; and a rainbow and peacock sculpture.