Albany Bulb

The Albany Bulb showcases that the idea of “trash” is simply just a mindset. This former landfill, set just east of the San Francisco Bay, has now become a space for artists to come and do what they do: make art. The Albany Bulb is now a city park that’s ever-changing and always fascinating.

Pygmy Forrest

When you’re in the Pygmy Forest near Mendocino, you leave our world behind and enter the world of magic – figuratively speaking, of course. Pygmy Forest is a complete wonder where there are tons of tiny 100-year-old trees. Seriously, due to a natural yet rare coastal phenomenon, the trees aren’t more than a couple of feet tall.

Old Faithful Geyser

A very well-known and interesting attraction of Northern California is the Old Faithful Geyser. This geyser, located in Calistoga, is a natural wonder that steadily erupts every handful of minutes or so with tall streams of mist. It’s become one of the most popular attractions on the west coast.

Old Faithful Geyser, 1299 Tubbs Lane, Calistoga

Petrified Forrest

The forest is actually not too far from Old Faithful Geyser, so visiting the two makes for an awesomely unusual trip. California’s Petrified Forrest has some of the most preserved petrified trees in the country. It’s a pleasant half-mile trail that loops around the forest, where you can get an amazing look at these preserved ancient trees.

Rock City

As a result of erosion, sandstone formations migrated and came together down Mount Diablo, creating a park. Rock City consists of abnormally large rocks and small caves, perfect for climbing and exploring. A short hike along the Summit Trail from the south entrance of Diablo, it’s an interesting place to bring your kids for some unusual outdoor, geographical fun.

Toad’s Hollow

This adorable little underpass was explicitly designed with the amphibian in mind. Toad’s Hollow was built for frogs to use in order to give them safe passage through the busy street nearby. It’s cute, it’s caring, and is worth stopping and taking a quick photo.

4024 Westside Rd, Healdsburg,

The World’s Largest Monopoly Board

Board game champions will definitely want to try their hand at this humongous Monopoly game in San Jose. You’ll have to reserve your spot weeks in advance but it’s incredible to play this classic life-sized version. But people are totally welcome to check out the site anytime they want without playing. You may get lucky and see a game happening right then and there.

Lake Berryessa Glory Hole

You’ll have to be lucky to catch this attraction in action but it’s such a crazy site. The Lake Berryessa Glory Hole was built as a drain system to keep the lake’s water from flooding over the dam. It looks like the planet is getting sucked into itself – 100% mesmerizing!

Wave Organ

In San Francisco, the wave organ was artistically installed right along the bay. When the waves crash and pour over the artwork all the cleverly placed crevices whistle and hum like a real organ. It’s an unusual spot with sounds that are hauntingly beautiful.