There are lots of reasons why we bring relocating clients to Walnut Creek, which is becoming an ever more popular as a place to live – both for families and single professionals.

One reason is because Walnut Creek is making convenience a priority. We show clients Walnut Creek apartments that are close to BART for easy commuting into San Francisco, to the airports, and other surrounding cities. Showing clients the diversity of bike lanes throughout the city so people need less cars is a feature many of our clients welcome. During our orientation tours, we also point out to clients the wide range of restaurants from all cultures that Walnut Creek has to offer.

Commuting to San Francisco for work by BART is less than one hour. Another transportation option from Walnut Creek to San Francisco is by riding in a carpool, which can decrease the commute by as much as 15 minutes.

One of the most popular aspects of Walnut Creek is its outdoor space. You can bike and walk on designated paved paths for 100 miles – to the Tri-Valley, to the Berkeley hills . . . and beyond. The parks for children are diverse, colorful, and different one from the other such that families and children enjoy visiting all of them.