When trying to rent an apartment or house in San Francisco, pets can be a bit of a challenge. If the pet is a dog, certain breeds are not accepted, and there are weight limits to be considered as well. Cats are sometimes more readily accepted, but not always Рmany apartments for rent in San Francisco simply state no pets.

When we are working with clients relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area, we sometimes use creative approaches to getting pets accepted by a property manager. For instance, one client we had brought three cats with them. We told the client to take a photo of the cats, adding “cuteness” to the photo by putting a tie around their neck, or a sweater on their body.

We took our clients to see an apartment that we knew accepted pets, but when we viewed the apartment together, we did not mention the type of pet our client had. After the property manager made a good connection with our client, and offered our client the apartment, we brought out the photo of the cats. The property manager thought the cats were so cute, she accept all three of them. There was an extra security deposit and pet rent required to be able to bring the cats with them, but our clients were happy to oblige.